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Teaching Update: Adorable Things that Are Adorable

During my favorite class, the one with my graphic design students, I intended to take a short video of them doing an activity and submit it to a video contest. So, I bought some cookies and played some music in class. I asked them to finish the sentence “I like English because…” and draw a corresponding picture. For example, if they liked to read in English, they could draw a book.

I only intended for the activity to last 20 minutes maximum, but they were soooo into it. I’ve never seen them so motivated before. They were sharing ideas, staying on-task, drawing, writing, jumping out of their seats to participate.

They really wanted to help me win, which was nice. I promised them desserts if I won, but still. I could tell it was coming from a genuine desire to help.

Javier, who is one of my favorite students, directed the whole thing. He had everyone form a circle and I filmed from the center of the circle, so it would be more fluid. He even chose which background to use. He’s incredibly artistic.

After the class, three students stayed 20 minutes late to edit the video for me. Javier was telling me where to go for tattoo design ideas and which studios are the best. Tomás was telling me how to learn to draw, and Diego edited the video.

I was thrilled to find something that really motivates them. Now I know what to do in my lesson plans for the future – anything that has to do with drawing, design, photography.

It was such a good feeling to have them doing something they loved. I could see how happy it made them.

That’s one really cool thing about teaching.

Hopefully I’ll have tons more of these stories to share in the months to come. Knock on wood.



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